Marcy S., age 16, Tennessee

Beautiful, very warm. Dreamed last night that I almost got killdicated. Nightmare in other words. Felt wonderful first thing in morning. After music lesson I sat out on front porch and studied for test Monday till noon. After dinner Dad took two pictures of me with my evening dress and accessories on. The corsage still smelled heavenly. After dishes Helen and I went to town. Gave Barbie the slip. Shopped and stopped to see Mary. Went to White Store. Saw Bunny. Very warm. Came home and got Barbara and went to Mrs. Moore’s. Baby Glenn so sweet. On the way Barbie started running ahead of us and Helen told her not to. So when Barbie did fall down Helen said “Doody.” Barbie picked herself, inspected her knees and murmured “Doody!” It was so cute! Ruth Sadler came with her little girl just as we were leaving. Went home and practiced. Then got tired so sat out in yard. George came and we chased around a bit and acted silly. He invited me to sup with him. After a somewhat hectic meal I departed and went home to practice again. Flossie came to hear a radio program so I was interrupted. Hope Mary comes tomorrow!