Marcy S., age 16, Tennessee

Lovely, cooler, but warm at night. Mom came out on the porch bedecked in her nightgown and robe just as Dad and I were leaving for Sunday school. The screen door locked itself and Mom couldn’t get back in. So funny. Finally had to summon George and the step ladder so Dad and I wouldn’t be late. Miss Tindall absent. After Sunday school I went home with Pan to see if she could go to church with us. Then she went home with me. We met Barbie and her mother returning home from Barbie’s first Sunday school. At 11:30 Mom, Dad, Pan and I drove down to the Episcopal Church to hear Bishop Dandridge. Good sermon. Got tired of sitting. Home about 1:00. (Took Mrs. Julian.) Dinner over about 2:00. I was so afraid Mary wouldn’t come but in a few minutes she did. She had to walk because the car was broken down. We sat on the porch and then removed to the car and talked. It was so wonderful to be with her (alone) for once. She was so sweet and dear. She told me that someone (wouldn’t tell me who) said that she was surprised that I went to the banquet with “that awkward Earl Parrish” and all sorts of other unkind things. I got so mad. I could have said so many nice things to Mary that I didn’t. Regrets. Finally we went in and washed the dishes and I remembered a note I had written Mary three weeks ago and had never given it to her. So I decided to burn it. Mary got it away from me and I couldn’t get it back. We left for Christian Education at 4:00 and Helen was there when we arrived. I expected her to be mad but she wasn’t. When Mary wasn’t on her guard once I got the note back. Ella led. Clay and Earl were there. Sang a lot. Fun. Out later than usual. Got Mary to come home with me by promising to give her the note when we got there. Helen left to see if she could drive to Hamilton’s with us and Mary and I got in the car. She asked for the note and so I got it out and tore it into tiny pieces and offered it to her. She almost cried and said she was disappointed in me. I really hadn’t intended doing that, but I couldn’t let her read it. I know I hurt  her and hated myself. Then Helen, Mom and Dad came and we drove to Mrs. Hamilton’s and saw her soap carving. She gave Mom one. Mary told Helen what had happened. Mary’s face was so sweet and sad and I was so sorry. We drove her home. I had an awful, empty feeling. Went home and sat in the car. Wrote Mary a sorry note till suppertime. At night heard “One Man’s Family.” George brought a man over to see Daddy. Handsome but too stiff. Listened to radio and read. Fun.