Marcy S., age 16, Tennessee

Nice, warm, cloudy in afternoon. English test. Made good, I hope. At noon Mom and I discussed Helen and how she is always talking about her own experiences, etc. and frankly admitted that she hates to listen to other people. I made 96 in typing. Mary didn’t call last period. Music lesson at 4:00. Very warm. Cloudy, like rain. Went home and got Barbie and Helen and went to post office for Mom. Helen and I taught Barbie to salute the flag on the way down. Not that she did it exactly right! Then we tried to get her to call each other “baby.” Poor little darling, she didn’t know what to do but I got her to call Helen a baby once. Mostly, however, it was “Patty baby.” I read till suppertime. At night Dad went to American Legion meeting and they voted on declaring war. Horrors! Read book at night.