Marcy S., age 16, Tennessee

Cloudy, rained, cleared in afternoon. Mild. Dad up at 4:30 and left. I dreamed about Allan. Shade up on one of my windows so I woke early. At 8:00 we of the Jr. Music Club got excused and went to Mary Lee’s room to have our picture taken. Had just given up hope when Joe Posey arrived and we posed on the front elementary steps. Back to classes. I made highest grade in room on English test. During typing class it rained hard but later cleared and was very beautiful. In study hall I read “Show Me a Land.” Good. Mary called last period and hinted that she wanted me to come down tomorrow and she’d give me a mysterious “something.” I felt grand after school. The world was so glorious after the rain. I’m so glad it rained — we did need it. I called Mary again when I got home and again she started to say what she was going to Sunday, but thought better of it and didn’t. Mom and I discussed Stephens College and I was in very high spirits. Practiced till after 4:30. Then I went over to Clure’s to borrow a tray. A Mr. Tomilson (or something) who stays at Clure’s said he enjoyed my playing. I played with Barbara awhile and then about 5:00 left with drink and sandwiches for park. George told Mr. Tomilson some jokes on me. Harvey was with George. Miss Catrell chaperoned the picnic. Poor Mary Lee was sick. I sat with Marg. Louie, Ruth and Roberta. Fun. Played a game. Sky so lovely. Life grand. Betty Turpin went with me to play a piece. At night I read the book. Daddy away. Fun today. Don’t mind practicing so much now.