Marcy S., age 16, Tennessee

Funny day. Mild. Rained, cleared, etc. Beautiful first thing in morning. My book is so interesting. Yesterday I had to read my history theme before the class — mine was number one. We’re having final exam in typing this week. At noon it began to cloud up and during fifth study hall it was all dark outside. My book made me rather lonely and the world was so dark outside. In office, it rained and then cleared and was glorious. Mary called and said she hadn’t brought “it” today but would tomorrow. Mom had gone to town when I got home. I went straight at my practicing and was soon through. Helen and Barbie came for me and we went walking. I couldn’t do a thing that Barbie didn’t copy. Not even walking on the wall! When we got back, Helen and I sat on her steps and talked. Teased Harvey who was riding his bicycle around. After helping Mom, I sat on the porch and read the paper. The sky was golden cloudy with the setting sun sending bright fingers to touch the green leaves. It was so beautiful. Reminded me of that Spring three years ago. I hated to go in for supper when Mother called me. It rained a bit but the sun still shone. Got cooler when sun went down. After supper, Mom and I went out in garden to see peonies. George came out and we played a few minutes. Then I went with him to Harvey’s to borrow his arithmetic book. We came back and I got my book and went over to George’s. We sat in the sunroom and Mr. Tomilson helped George with his problems. Funny and fun. About 8:00 it started lightening and thundering and Mom called me. Dad not home yet. Storm passed and stars came out. I read till late. Fun tonight.