Marcy S., age 16, Tennessee

Windy. Beautiful, cooler. Too cool for Spring. No chapel — dear Mrs. Cummins, Misses Davis and Alford and Hi-Lite staff went to Chattanooga today. Miss Goody had to keep the library third period so we went in with her and didn’t have any Latin lesson. She gave Marg. Louie and I an article in Reader’s Digest to read entitled “My Sister and I.” About the war. Most of the period I read “Show Me a Land” plus blue sky at noon. Silvery dark green trees waving in the wind. Last period Mary called and we made arrangements about Sunday and she said she’d give me the note tomorrow. Don’t believe it! I felt grand, looking forward to the weekend and the summer, etc. Dearest Mary! After school Helen and I took Barbie and went to town to get Mother’s Day gifts. Flags all over in honor of Bain Stewart. Barbie started saluting. So funny. Bought some ribbons to be used in a corsage Helen is going to make for Mom. Also bought two hand-engraved, hand-painted pins — so quaint. Bought a gift one and one for Mother Lane. Barbie just wouldn’t be still — once she lay right down on the floor and laughed. Going home I stepped on a worm and squealed when its inners spurted out. Barbie just laughed. Cute. Going home I couldn’t even walk on the walls for what she wanted to do the same. I was feeling very kittenish. Mrs. Gallaher was visiting Mom so I played with Barbie awhile and then practiced. At 7:00 Mom and Dad went to the Bain Stewart banquet. I took my book and went to George’s. Mr. Tomilson was there. George returned from the band [?] and we read jokes in a [?]. Fun. Mr. Tomilson said that it was just natural for the English not to catch onto jokes quickly and that it was no slam at me. Mom came about 9:30. Finished my book and read every magazine in Clures’ house. Fun tonight. Sorry I’ve finished the book.