Marcy S., age 16, Tennessee

Beautiful, breezy. A bit warmer. Music lesson at 9:30. Came home and got right at my essay. Dreaded it but by dinnertime I was there and Mom said it was very good — “The Grand Rush” on getting ready for school in morning. I shouted for joy when at last it was finished. About 2:30 Helen and I went to town. I took Mary’s Hi-Lite to her. She got her new Elgin pink-gold watch today and it’s lovely. Of course she didn’t bring the note today but promised to give it to me last thing tomorrow night. Then Helen and I went to the White Store. I was feeling wonderful. Jr. Easter came to wait on us and he greeted us with a smile — “Hello.” Frankly, I was surprised. We stopped at Ruth’s on way home. When we got home we went up to Mrs. Cummins to get the rose for the corsage. The pink roses and green leaves against the blue sky were beautiful and there was a heavenly breeze. She has bright yellow, crimson, deep pink, pale pink, and white roses. Gorgeous. We picked rosebuds to our hearts’ content and then went to Mother Lane’s for some more. Later I took the pin up to Mother Lane and she gave me some cookies. Then I washed and curled my hair and practiced at night.