Marcy S., age 16, Tennessee

Lovely, rather cloudy. Warm. Saw two pictures in chapel. Good Theme: America, Land of Opportunities. Had to type a letter at machine out of your head. Awful. Roberta just missed getting her sixty words. If only I could make fifty. Read some one-act plays in fifth study hall. Mary didn’t call. Mrs. Geasland locked the office door by mistake after she finished a private telephone conversation. After school I practiced. Helen is very sweet now. Then I got Barbie and we went for a short walk. Then came back and saw “Wakkins.” (Mom is house cleaning.) Went home with Barbie and stayed awhile. She’s so cute. Dad not home. After supper Mom heard my history questions. At 7:30 she went to the North Methodist Church to a revival service. I went over to George’s. His mother also went to church. Mr. Tomilson was there helping George with his arithmetic. I tried valiantly to study but gave up. Once while I was absorbed in my book, George said, “Ain’t she beautiful?” I looked up questioningly — George said, “I think she is, too.” Mr. Tomilson had been looking at me, I guess. Goodness! Mr. Tomilson said, “If you treat her better she might help you with your arithmetic.”