Marcy S., age 16, Tennessee

Lovely. Warm. Heavenly breeze. Last test in history. I made 100. The man came in the morning to help Mom with the housework and again in the afternoon. No good in typing. Too hot and pain in my left arm. Miss Cantrell sent for me in fifth study hall and gave me the gift she had gotten for Mary Lee in behalf of Junior Music Club. I called Mary last period and told her not to call me tomorrow cause of our half-holiday. Coach had me type the exam schedule. After school Music Club met at other building in Miss Augubright’s room. Not many there. Very warm. Just four on program. I played “To Spring.” Rufus presented the gift to Mary Lee. She gave us some cupcakes she had made. When I got home Mom was joyous because all the major cleaning was done — the man did my bedroom this afternoon. Glory be! I was making my bed and singing at the top of my lungs. George outside yelled “Shut up” and Mr. Tomilson said something to him. But I was too happy to be stopped by that so I kept it up. Helped Mom with the curtains and then went up and got Barbie. Her daddy said she’d been begging him to go and get me. Kept saying she wanted Patty. Just as we were leaving Helen came and we walked and danced to town and got some cottage cheese. Coming back I had to carry Barbie part of the way and let her walk on three walls. Helen said no wonder she liked me so much. I felt glorious and the breeze was so refreshing. At night Mom, Dad, and I went to the Princess and saw Spencer Tracy in “[?].” Good. Beautiful starlit night. Went to bed singing “Genevieve[?].”