Marcy S., age 16, Tennessee

Nice, very warm. Hot, in fact. No chapel. Started review in history. Didn’t have to go back in afternoon ’cause our room had half-holiday but I went to take typing tests. Roberta is still trying her best to make her sixty words. It was hot and my arm hurt so I didn’t get much done. Marg. Louie came back, too. We left at end of class (1:15). Very hot. I went home and washed the dishes and practiced. Then read awhile when Mom was resting. When she got up I took a bath and then lay down on my bed. Felt grand. At about 3:45 Mom went to a tea. I slept till 4:45. Finished dressing and went up to Barbara’s. She had been expecting me. Helen and I took her for a walk. Mom and Dad didn’t have boys choir. I played piano some and then ate a bit. Then went up and sat on steps with Barbie while Helen washed the dishes. When she came out she picked some honeysuckle and Barbie gave it to me. At the supper table she said she loved me more than Helen. She demonstrated her great love when I said ’bye. At 2:00 Mom left for Kiwanis Club with Dad. I went over to George’s and studied. He and Mr. Tomilson weren’t there. Mom and Dad got back about 8:15. Margaret called to say she could go tomorrow. Thank goodness! Otherwise John Winslow would have had to go along.