Marcy S., age 16, Tennessee

Beautiful. Not cloud in sky. Warm. Mr. Tomilson’s car was in the driveway this morning. At Sunday School Dorcus Jane said she wished I were her teacher. Sat with the Youngs in church. Dad sang “Lead Kindly Light.” I read a Samson story beforehand. Dr. Carouthers preached a good sermon on loneliness. Walked home with George. Just before we ate dinner (1:00) Mr. Tomilson and Miss Staples drove away together. Ah! After dinner I ran up to see Barbara. She was all dressed for a walk so I rolled her down to the bank while her mom dressed. George and Mr. Tomilson came out and got in his car. He looked up as they were leaving and Barbey waved — intended for George, of course. I got tickled. When Barbara left, Helen came down and helped me with the dishes. It was after 2:30 and Mary hadn’t come so we left on our walk. I didn’t have any energy at all. Below Tarroter’s [?] I turned around once and saw the Farmers’ car driving up the hill. Helen and I raced up the hill to Walkers’ and when we were sure it was she, we ran down home and met them. Then Mary, William, Helen and I went riding. Stopped at the Norris Creamery but I didn’t have anything. At Christian Education time they drove us to the church and we sat and talked till Davis came. Said bye and went in. Earl led. Helen behaved. Had fun. When we got home I sat out in the car and studied. Soon George returned with Mr. Tomilson, but the latter drove on. They had been to Frozen Head. We sat in the car and I read him a play. Soon we got out and went to his front yard and I read another one. Soon Mr. Tomilson came and he said he wished he had a nice young lady to read to him. George invited me for supper, and so I got some toast and salad and Clure furnished the milk. When the others had eaten, George and I had our milk toast in the dining room. The Gleaves and Mr. Tomilson were talking in the living room. After supper George and I retired to the sun room and I read another play. Soon Mr. Tomilson came in. I finished reading the play. Mrs. [?] Clure came and asked me to give a reading to Mr. Tomilson but I declined because my throat hurt and because I couldn’t remember how “These Women” started. When George and Mr. Tomilson started studying arithmetic I left, although Mr. Tomilson said not to hurry. Did dishes and read paper. Felt wonderful by bedtime.