Marcy S., age 16, Tennessee

Beautiful, hot like summer. Received bronze pin in chapel for 47-5 words. Others received awards, too. I played to march out. Dull themes in history. Goody had a tooth pulled and her right cheek is all swollen. Didn’t get much done in typing. Mrs. C. had me running all over seeing about music club tomorrow night. Had to go see Mary Lee and then the High School members. In bad mood. After school I helped Mom a bit and then washed my hair. Mom went to town. I sat out on the porch and dried my hair in the sun. Helen sat with me before going to town. George borrowed the hose and washed Mr. Tomilson’s car which was in the driveway. Fun, teasing. Then I practiced and studied. Went up to see Barbey. The white roses are in bloom. Nice supper. Like summer. Curled hair in evening. Very sleepy. More fun today than I had expected.