Marcy S., age 16, Tennessee

Need rain badly. Dad and Mom overslept. Didn’t get up till 7:15. Grand rush. Started day off wrong. J.E. absent. Didn’t care. Am out of love. Hot in typing. Rufus had a permanent yesterday. Mary called in office and we had just talked a few minutes when she had to put the receiver down to sell a ticket. I saw Coach coming and hung up. A minute later the phone rang and Coach answered. Mary told me later she said, “Are you still there, Pat?” Help! that gave everything away! Anyway, he let me speak to her a second. To music lesson at 4:00. Then went up and saw Barbey. Had awful headache. Picked roses and Helen came down and made me a corsage. George had his arithmetic exam today but doesn’t know whether he passed. Took a lovely bath before supper. Floated around with Mom’s silk shawl around me. George asked what I was doing tonight. I told him and he said he was going to see “Give Us Wings.” I dressed about 7:00 in my white banquet dress and corsage of pink roses. Mom drove me down to Ruth’s. Pan had gone to eighth grade party. Her granddad, grandmother and mom were there. I waited till she did her hair and then went up to the church. A lot of people were there already. We stood by the door with Doris and some other girls and ladies and handed out programs when we could. At 8:00 the program started. Five numbers. Not so good as other years. Rufus and I stood outside part of the time. A heavenly breeze but [no?] rain! When it was over we went into the little room and helped Ella and the ladies fix the plates. We served and then ate some strawberry shortcake. Then we left. As I was whirling out of the door with shawl flying, the lace on my skirt caught and was torn a bit but can be fixed. Heavens! Went to Ruth’s and called Mother. Clay came for Ella. Sorta fun tonight and today.