Marcy S., age 16, Tennessee

Hot, fair. Streaky sky. Had good dream last night. Also dreamed it rained on Saturday. Seniors’ last chapel morning. They had the program. Read the will. I am to have Stacia Gardner’s “oomph.” She can keep it! Jr. Easter, President, presented a school play to Mr. Black and the torch of the clans to our president. Then we all rose and sang “Auld Lang Syne” (after Alma Mater) while the Seniors marched out. Sad — I almost “weeped” and the Seniors’ eyes looked suspicious [?]. Then we Juniors marched down and took the Seniors’ places, the Sophomores taking ours. Really sad. Test in English. Missed one. Best grade in room. Too hot in typing. Read part of “Soul of Abe Lincoln” in fifth study hall. Have read book before. I cried: how wonderful Mr. Lincoln was! Too hot after school to practice so didn’t. Instead amused Barbey for an hour and a half. Walked, played with doll (which included undressing and dressing it) and sitting on the top steps, throwing clovers. She is so cute. In the evening I was terribly sleepy. Sat out on porch with Mom. Dad away. No clouds. Please rain!