Marcy S., age 16, Tennessee

Hot, fair. As I was cramming for Spelling exam, who should come down the hall but Marg. Louie and Mary! The latter all dressed up and here for a visit. Spelling test easy except that old lady C. doesn’t know how to pronounce words. Mary went to all classes with me. In history she gave me a note for which I played a joke on her. She got mad and so, after a few notes, I suggested we sign a promise never to break another promise. She kept mine and I kept hers. Once she started to say something but then said it wouldn’t come. Something that haunts her all the time and she can’t sleep. Goodness knows, but she said she’d tell me sometime. After lesson in Latin Mary and I talked. During lesson she read this diary. See February 7th. She asked if it were still true; at first I pretended it wasn’t but then I pointed to the “forever” and she said I was so sweet. At noon William drove Helen and I home. Beautiful hot noon. After school and practicing, Helen and I went to town. I got “The Soul of Ann Rutledge” at the library. Sat in the car and read it when I got home. Lovely afternoon. Love the book so much.