Marcy S., age 16, Tennessee

Hot, breezy, cloudy, clear, etc. Picked some yellow roses for Goody. Real cloudy when I got up but sun and blue sky soon appeared. Our class presented Miss Alford with a $2.50 Aid to Britain pin. I made 100 on English test. Review in history and Latin. Didn’t get off early at noon ’cause no typing class today. Walked home with Helen and June Carson. Nice unrushed lunch. Mom went to a luncheon at Mrs. Rodgers’s at 1:00. I hated to go back to school for three hours of study hall but I went. Marg. Louie and I stayed in the room some with the others till Cummins chased us into the Home Ec. kitchen so she could give a test. In fifth study hall I read “The Soul of Ann Rutledge” and again in the office. Some beautiful thoughts came to me and I think I am beginning to believe. Mr. Black started registering in the office so I sat out in the hall and read. Mary called but said she’d call again later. I discovered that a lot of pages were out of the back of the book. Phoned Mary when I got home. Soon Mom came.