Marcy S., age 16, Tennessee

Hot, breezy. Clouds. Last chapel in gym to present different awards. Discussed last chapter in Liberty and Life book. Between history and Latin I registered. Had nice little talk in Latin. Hot at noon. Nice lunch. Got extra point in typing for not making any errors in five lines. No good on tests. Lovely in fifth study hall. Cloudy and breezy outside. Looked like blessed rain. I read Whitman’s “When Last in the Dooryard Bloom’d” and reread “The Perfect Tribute.” I have a strange feeling these days that I can’t just put my finger on and I don’t want to have strange feelings — I want to have faith and to believe. Didn’t stay in office last period because Viola was there. Somehow I don’t feel I accomplish much unless I study. After school Ruth, Helen, and I struggled home with our arms full of books. Very “close.” After Mom left for Mossop to see the exhibit, I phoned Mary. Her dad is favorable, too, and Margaret is coming from Oklahoma this week. Mary had the choice of Oliphant or Oklahoma and she chose — Oliphant! Glory be! I practiced joyfully, took Barbey for a walk and studied. Clouds coming up behind a blossoming hedge — trees and blooming white rose bush and Helen’s. Beautiful. At 7:00 heard Lux Radio Theatre — “Virginia City” with Errol Flynn. Mom and Dad drove to S.H. No school tomorrow!