Marcy S., age 16, Tennessee

Hot, clouds, but no rain. Up about 7:00. By 9:00 I was ready to study and did so. Finished history and then sat out on porch and shelled peas while Mom asked me history questions. Had awful cramps. Took rest after lunch. Went to sleep. When I got up I studied English and Mom heard me. Then I cleaned up. Mary called but I couldn’t talk with her. Music lesson at 4:00. Marshy is housecleaning. Came back and studied some more. Then read some tributes to Abraham Lincoln in a reader. If only could be like him! Washed and dressed. Sky and Helen’s rose bushes beautiful. At 7:30 Helen and I walked over to school to see the Seniors’ play. Ruth, Mary, Frances, and Marg. K. sat with us. Earl sat in front row and Helen said he turned around every two minutes to look at me. Blush! They all teased me. I felt rather self-conscious. Band concert at 7:30. Play at 8:00. Lasted till 9:45. “The Tin Hero” with Jr. Easter as the star. Very good except they didn’t talk loud enough! Home and to bed. Nice night.