Marcy S., age 16, Tennessee

Hot, clouds, no rain. English exam at 8:00. Both classes at same time. Forgot workbook — didn’t know we were supposed to bring them — Bunchy didn’t tell us. Geasland and Bunch stood by my desk and talked most of the time. Very considerate! Test rather hard and long. Marg. Louie and I went to library when we were through and studied history till 10:00. Then we all went in Mrs. Geasland’s room for the test. Long and hard. Had some questions she said we wouldn’t have. ’Tain’t fair! The arrows came at last! Finished exam about 11:30. Waited for Marg. Louie. Then got my annual. Mary’s Pop came for her and Roberta and drove me home. Mom and I discussed the test. Good lunch. Rested and slept afterwards. Got up and studied Latin. Hot. Called Mary and discussed Oliphant. Cleaned up and took Barbey for a walk. After supper I went up to Helen’s and after she washed we went walking. Hard time convincing Barbey that it would be better for her to sleep tonight so she could walk tomorrow. We went down and spoke to Mary. Lovely night. Sat on wall awhile. Then I went in and did dishes. Helen is through exams. Wrote Greta.