Marcy S., age 16, Tennessee

Hot, clouds, no rain. Latin exam at 8:00. Short and easy. Through before but couldn’t leave till 9:00. Marg. Louie walked partway with me. I practiced. Mom and I celebrated school’s being out. Slept after dinner. Got up and read part of “Soul of Ann Rutledge” for last time. Felt rather queer and empty. Want to believe! Very cloudy. Looked like rain. Prayed hard for it. Did dishes and took bath. Then went up to Helen’s. Waited for Barbey to get dressed and then we went to town. Got “Show Boat” at library. Stopped at Ruth’s on way home. (P.S. Vegetables burnt at noon. Mom very irritable.) I gave Barb [?] fourteen [?]. Read book till suppertime. George left for Nashville with Mr. Tomilson about 5:00. Will be gone till Sunday.