Marcy S., age 16, Tennessee

Quite warm. Cloudy but cleared. Cloudy first thing in morning. I went to Sunday school but Mom and Dad left at 10:00 for Barrville [?] to be gone till afternoon. The three Jones children were at Sunday school with their pop. Bobby, Billy and Betty. Mrs. Regan took our class. Mary F., Ella and I stayed for church. Very good sermon by Mr. Jones. He is so sincere and quiet, just the qualities you expect in a minister. Home about 12:00. Quite warm. Went over to church for dinner. Just three there. John and Mrs. H. Poor Johnny, I do pity him! Went up the Helen’s after dinner. She got word that she was wanted to play the piano at the mission just as we were starting  on our walk. After considerable fussing she decided to go. Mr. and Mrs. McCarter, Barbey, Helen and I went. During a loud and lengthy prayer by Brother _________, Barbey got restless and in due time, not being allowed to run hither and yon, started to cry — even louder than the man who was praying. She came to me but continued to yell. Finally her mother took her out but brought her back later. She sat on my lap and I tickled her back to keep her from crying. Result — laughing. I finally hushed her. At beginning of classes Helen and I left. Home and then to Goodmans’ to deliver and note; at corner of Unaka we met Mary and Josephine out walking. Talked a few minutes.