Marcy S., age 16, Tennessee

Dear Diary — Clear when I got up at 7:30. Lovely morning but with no hint of rain. At 9:00 I walked down to the Christian Church for recital rehearsal. We all stayed in the back room until our turn came. Then we walked out on the pulpit platform below the choir loft and played our piece. We did it in the order that we will tonight — I was last as usual. While awaiting our turns Margaret, Roberta, Ruth and I teased and had fun. I asked them to go on our hike Wednesday. Rufus can’t, but M. and R. are going to ask their mother. We were through about 10:00 and Mrs. Hudson drove Jean, Dorothy, and I home. It was quite cloudy by then and really looked like rain. 

I washed the dishes and was just preparing to write in you, Diary, when the wind started blowing and thunder rolled in the distance. We heard the patter of huge raindrops and rushed around closing windows. I heard Mr. Jones call over to Helen that she’d better get in, he thought we were in for a rain. Then Helen let out a joyous yowl and in a moment George did the same. Then I danced around, screaming at the top of my lungs and Mother not even objecting. Soon the rain came in torrents and the green trees swayed gloriously in the wind. With the front door open, I sat down and played the piano. Soon, however, the door had to be closed and the lightning and thunder got quite near. Once I was sure the middle of the street had been struck. As a means of diversion I helped Mom make some muffins. Finally storm subsided but the blessed rain continued. By noon, though, it had stopped, too, but Daddy said it looked as if we’d get more. 

Had delicious dinner and was in wonderful mood. Before we were through the sun had come out and all the wet green things sparkled gaily. Daddy said the rain had done a lot of good but we needed still more. After the dishes Mother persuaded me to take a nap and I did. Up about 3:00 and it was cloudy again. I sat out on the porch and wrote in my diary. In a few minutes Mrs. Rodgers came to call and she and Mom sat on the porch and visited. I couldn’t concentrate so I closed up shop and went up to Helen’s. She, Barbey, and I sat in the swing and while we swang (or swung?) we sang. It sprinkled a bit but didn’t last long. Little Hughie was in his pen in the Jones’s back yard and the other kiddos stared with big eyes and open mouths (slightly exaggerated) as we sang. Just after we had rendered, “O My Darling Clementine,” Mr. Jones came around the side of the house singing, “Oh my darling, O my darling, O my darling Hughie boy. You’re in your pen and you don’t like it, O my darling Hughie boy.” He then picked the darling up and said, “You’re a 49er, too, aren’t you?” It was so funny. I stayed till about 5:00, after Mrs. Rodgers left. Then I went home and took a bath. Still cloudy. 

Ate too much for supper and as a result made a mess of my piece in the final practice. Dressed and George came over with his camera, threatening to take my picture at the recital. At 7:30 I went up for Helen but she wasn’t quite ready. Her new watch (a Waltham) had just come — so pretty. We finally left. The night air smelled so fresh and I wasn’t a bit scared. We met Mrs. Moore about halfway down and walked with her. I left them with their fingers crossed at the front entrance while I went around to the side. All the girls were seated in the back room and looking more uncomfortable than expected. Marshy, of course, hovered near. 

Promptly at 8:00 it started. There were 18 members in all, including a violin solo by Mrs. Massey and a vocal solo by Mrs. Gilliland. During the latter, while Marshy was playing for her, I yielded to the urge and slipped outside to relieve myself. Just in the middle of “it,” a man came by the alley and I jumped up, pretending to be picking some leaves. It turned out to be a sticker bush and I cut one finger. Got back in just in time. As my turn approached I got just a bit nervous and began powdering my nose and fingers. Margaret got tickled. Everyone did pretty well, although some of them got mixed up and/or forgot. 

Finally the awful moment arrived and I walked out on the platform and sat down. I didn’t dare look at the audience. I hanged through Rachmaninoff’s C# Minor Prelude and got a very good hand. I actually got the middle part better than the best I’ve ever practiced it. 

After the prizes were awarded we all streamed out to be received by parents, friends and congratulations. Words failed some of them (Mrs. Cummins, for one) and they made a few expressive motions with their hands. Goody was there and she was carrying the handkie I had given her. When we got outside we were still not free and a number of people came up and, patting Helen on the back (she was standing with us), said how wonderfully we had played. We got so tickled. Little Dorcus Jane was there with her mother. Mom told me later that she had been getting restless when her mother whispered that I was to play next. She was immediately all attention and turning to the surrounding people in general she whispered, “That’s my Sunday School teacher” (wishful thinking) as much as to say, “Now listen carefully.” Mother said she never took her eyes off me. So cute! 

Mom and Dad (who had gotten out of Legion meeting just in time to hear his daughter play) drove some of the others home, but Helen and I walked. Margaret loaned me, “Heigh Ho, Heigh Ho” and “Some Day My Prince Will Come.” Goody remarked that it was quite a comedown from Rachmaninoff. When we got home, I heard Mom and Daddy up at Marney’s talking with Carlyle who was ordained as a minister yesterday and who, with his wife, is visiting his parents for a few days. I went over by Helen’s rose bush to finish relieving myself and the wet roses smelled so good. We could see Mr. and Mrs. Jones through the windows and it made me feel so nice and comfortable inside. I waited for Mom and Dad. Mrs. McClure and George arrived home just then and congratulated me. I played over the piece and read the funnies. 

So far June has been grand. This has been the best recital ever — better than I had hoped it would be! I’m so glad! So much to look forward to and be thankful for!