Marcy S., age 16, Tennessee

Dear Diary — Nice. Warmer than last night, thank goodness! I was so sore I could hardly move and therefore had a good excuse to leave the house-cleaning till tomorrow. The afternoon was bright and beautiful. I went up to Helen’s and we sat out in the yard with Barbey while Helen dried her hair. I have two chigger bites; Helen discovered five after I mentioned it to her. Soon I went home and over to Clure’s to borrow a magazine. Mr. Tomilson was in the hall when I went in the front door and he looked at me and then turned away. Suddenly he looked again and said “Hello,” in the funniest way. I sat in the front yard and read till time to clean up. I rested after lunch. Mary called so I called her when I got up. She still wants me to spend a night with her before we leave. Mother decided, since the rest of the family would be away, to go to the Princess tonight and see the J.C.-sponsored “This Thing Called Love.” 

About 7:00 I went up to get Helen but she was fussing with her curls. Mrs. Marvey was there “gossiping” with Mrs. McCarter and I amused Barbara. Finally Helen was ready. It was a lovely summer evening. We didn’t get to the Webbo till 7:20. Saw newsreel and previews. Then Kay Francis, Jack Oakie, etc. in “Little Men.” The boy (Jimmy Somebody) Danny was a perfect boy — I just loved him. Helen thought he was a sissy but I certainly did not. It was a good picture and I was very sorry when it was over. (George and A.B. saw the picture this afternoon and George liked it a lot. We saw Donald Duck — a person — in the show.) We stayed to see chapter 14 of a serial. Very exciting and of course stopped in the best place. 

We went outside to the box office and Mary persuaded us to wait about twelve minutes and then William would drive us home. Helen and I started to the rest room and just as we were going in, William loomed up and we nearly collided with him. (He wasn’t in the rest room but the aisle.) Helen and I got tickled. While Mary helped put the money away or something, Helen and I sat out in the car with Willie and talked. At last Mary came. She is so pretty — sometimes I wish she weren’t quite so pretty. Instead of going straight home we drove out to Walnut Hill and half around town. Mary and I let Helen and William have the front seat. Mary said every time she thought of Canada a thrill went through her and she feared it was too good to be true. I hastily added, “Almost.” After wasting a good deal of gas we prevailed upon William to drive us home and Mom was out front looking up the street for me. It was then about 10:00. I got a mild bawling-out. To bed and in a good mood.