Marcy S., age 16, Tennessee

Dear Diary — Sunny first thing in morning. When I was sweeping the porch, Helen came down and announced that she was going to Knoxville with her daddy on Wednesday, and stay with her aunt until her mother came Saturday. The point was she had decided not to go to the movies tomorrow night as we had planned but to save her money. I was somewhat disappointed but didn’t show it. 

Mom and I cleaned out my closet and didn’t finish till about 11:30. Meantime clouds had come up and we had had a lovely summer shower but when I went out at noon to rest on the porch the blue sky and sun were to be seen everywhere. Soon, however, dark clouds blew up and it rained in torrents. I sat on the porch and read a book of human interest stories on the Battle of Gettysburg, which we had gotten two years ago but which I had never really read. It was very interesting and the rain just scented the atmosphere of the stories. Mom and I lingered long over our lunch discussing vitamins — of all things! Then I sat out on the porch and finished the book. Unbeknownst to me Mother washed the dishes and, although she shouldn’t have done it, I was thankful they were done. 

During lunch it had stopped raining but by then it was just pouring. I grabbed my knitting and ran up to Helen’s, who with Barbey was swinging. Just as I got safely there the wind started blowing the rain in on the porch and the thunder and lightning were quite near. We then went in the house. I played the piano and sang. When the storm had subsided George came up to invite us to his house for a card party. Barbey and I wanted to swing but it did no good to resist Helen and George so Barbey, with tears, retired into the house to be rocked by her mama and Helen, George, and I made a dash for my house and the Pit cards and then to his house. 

Bill Butler was there and we sat around a table in the living room. Pit was as noisy as ever and we had lots of fun teasing about the bear card. When our lungs were almost exhausted George brought on the eats — fruit juice and sandwiches. Having liberally refreshed ourselves we played Budgedegar. And such names as we did have! About 4:30 Tommy came and he watched us. We played for a few more minutes and then George and Helen had a disagreement which ended in George’s throwing down his cards and declaring he wasn’t going to play. I told him to be a good sport, because Helen was right, but it didn’t work. Mrs. McClure took her son’s part and she should have just kept still. Anyway, that was the end of Budgedegar and the household enjoyed peace and quiet. Next, we played the Greek gods, etc. guessing game. Tommy read Bill’s cards and we came very close to a general quarrel. It was fun, though, and I learned a lot. 

About 5:00 Helen had to go and at 5:30 Mom called me. I had forgotten what time it was. I took a bath. It was still very cloudy and looked like rain. At the dinner table Daddy announced that we were going to the movies and at 7:00 we left. Had trouble getting the car started and took all the down hills we could. To Webbo and saw the “Walt Disney festival of hits.” Ferdinand the Bull, the Three Little Pigs, The Ugly Duckling, Donald Duck, and then the previews. “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs” was the main picture and it was as lovely as ever. I have seen it three times now. Monday night is Bingo night, which accounted for the crowd. We played but, of course, didn’t get a thing. About ten dollars is given away in cash, as well as other things. 

It was rainy when we got out at 9:30. Lovely night, despite the rain. I’ve had such fun today. A “Gettysburg” day.