Marcy S., age 16, Tennessee

Dear Diary — Raining. Such a change in the weather. I helped Mother all morning. Quite cool. About 10:00 Mr. McCarter and Barbey left for Knoxville with the Flanagins. Will be gone a week. What shall I do? After lunch, however, it cleared. Daddy away. I read. 

About 3:00 I cleaned up and Mary called. Around 3:30 Mom and I drove to town. Left shoes at shoe shop to be finished in an hour and then forgot to get them. Went to Cates and bought the first pair of slacks I tried on. Went upstairs and tried on bathing suits. There was one just the color of Mary’s and it fitted perfectly except in the back. We were afraid the results of altering it wouldn’t be satisfactory and we finally decided on a $3.98 green, dark green (probably black) and white checked and striped. I stopped at the Webbo and told Mary we might leave June 30th instead of July 1st as planned. Then Mom and I did some other shopping and stopped at Mrs. Cherry’s for some clothes for Bundles for Britain. 

I drove from Mrs. Marsh’s corner home, around by Winslow’s. Turned two sharp corners (took the whole street to do it) and stopped by the curb without running over and banging into a tree. I was so thrilled! I can’t let Mary get ahead of me, although she probably is, having driven to and from work a lot this week. It was unpleasantly cool again and quite breezy. 

After supper I settled down to read “Little Women.” Madge Bowman came to see if I could play again but I declined. Clouds came up and yet it didn’t rain but just a little. Suddenly there was a blinding (almost) flash of lightning that seemed to strike right in the middle of the street and then a crash of thunder. We expected a bad storm but that was all — it was too quiet after that. Dishes and to bed.