Marcy S., age 16, Tennessee

Dear Diary — Middle of the month — how fast time goes! Nice day. To Sunday school and played for beginners. Quite a large class today. Mrs. Spencer taught our class. One hundred percent except for one. Small Sunday school attendance, though. I wore my linen dress and hat. Rufus had on pretty new slippers — birthday gift. 

Between Sunday school and church Ruth, Pan, Ella, and I went down to the former’s house. Back in time for church. Daddy in choir. He sang. Mr. Jones preached a very good sermon. Mrs. Jones was there and the two boys. She was taken into the church and then stood at the door after service and shook hands and was introduced to everyone. Mr. Jones called me “Patty.” 

After church Ella and I talked a few minutes. She said that Earl had asked her to try to get me to join the Fellowship Club. I hope this Miles Standish business doesn’t go too far. When we parted, Ella told me to be sure and wear the same dress this afternoon ’cause I looked nice in it. Ahem! Mom and Dad were home when I got there. After dining I lounged around and finally got the dishes done. Went up to ask Mr. McCarter to supper but he wasn’t there. About 2:30 I went down to Ruth’s and studied Christian Education part. Her parents were away. 

I was sure Mary had gone to her grandmother’s but I thought I’d better go over anyway, just in case, ’cause I had promised. As I approached I heard voices on the porch. Oh-oh, thought I, company! Turned out to be William and his 12-year-old (about) cousin Sonny from Cincinnati. He was so friendly right from the start. We talked a few minutes and then William got the car and Mary, Sonny, William and I went riding out towards Oliver Springs. Mary begged and begged to drive and finally poor Willie gave in and she drove and drove. I was a bit nervous at first but soon got over it. William offered to let me drive but I wisely declined (luckily for all concerned). 

At about twenty till 4:00 we turned around and started back the eighteen miles ’cause Christian Education started at 4:00. William drove then and Sonny sat in the back seat with me. He teased and pestered me all the way and I did the same. It was fun, though. He is cute! and just like a boy! Heavens! Very long with him and even the best animal-tamer would be a wreck. 

We drove up to the church at about 4:15 and they were all standing outside waiting for Earl and me. I made a face at Ella and Ruth just as Mr. Jones poked his head out the door — I quickly changed my expression. I told Sonny I didn’t believe in telling — er, untruths and therefore couldn’t say I was glad to have met him. He returned the compliment fittingly. I got Pan to go down to her house with me and I called our house three times but the line was busy. If Mr. McCarter wasn’t able to come I could ask Ruth in honor of her birthday tomorrow. 

Just as we got back Earl arrived so we went in and started: Clay, Ella, Ruth, Earl, Pan, Mr. Jones, and I. Ella led; the program was patriotic and we were supposed to have memorized our topics. It was much more interesting. When it was over Ella and Clay worked on Earl in private and he came out to say he was going to prove himself not a coward and take me home. Common sense, come to my rescue! I excused myself by saying I had to go down to Ruth’s and telephone. So we four walked down that way, laughing at nothing at all. It was so silly. I phoned Mom and she said Mr. McCarter was coming and for me to hurry home. I left on the run and called to Ella and Clay that they should be hung. Mr. Jones had already gone. 

Just after Christian Education Mr. Jones asked me if I were going to church tonight and I said I hadn’t decided (I was thinking of going to the Union Christian Education at Mary’s church) and then he asked if I could take care of the children tonight while he and Mrs. Jones went to church if I weren’t going. I had a terrible time deciding what to do when I got home; Mother advised one thing and Daddy the other. Finally in desperation I “drew straws” and staying with the children won. I went over and told them the glad news. The whole family was out in the back yard visiting with Mr. and Mrs. Theo Sanders. Hughie’s eyes are so blue. 

Mr. McCarter came at 6:00 and we were all prepared for him. We had our usual Sunday night dish of milk toast and Mr. McCarter ate everything, talked to his heart’s content, and apparently enjoyed it very much. Immediately afterwards I washed the dishes and at 7:15 went over to the Joneses’, leaving Mr. McCarter and my parents listening to Walter Winchell. The children were just being put to bed and such a racket. For a few minutes after Mr. and Mrs. Jones left there were various sounds upstairs — sleepy singing and whispers but soon all was quiet. I read “Little Women” all evening and loved it. 

About 9:00 they returned and I told them what had happened. Once the telephone rang from some dark, hidden corner of the study and I, not being acquainted with the lighting system, allowed it to ring about three times before I finally got the hall light on and was led to the instrument by its ringing. ’Twas only Mrs. McClure. Home and to bed. Fun today.