Marcy S., age 16, Tennessee

Cool, cloudy, windy, glorious. Didn’t finish book. Got Mary Louie to tell me the end. After all that work and rush and bother, Mrs. B. didn’t even give us the test. Curses! Mary got so tickled. Made 98 on regular test. Stayed after school and typed. Mary was to call if she couldn’t come to supper. Mom and Dad left. 6:00 and no Mary. I was just getting up in the air when at 6:20 she came. Excuse: they had a meeting after work. I was very unkind and am ashamed of myself now. Mary told me how so many people had said they like her, because she was so kinda personal. I felt so funny — like crying. Didn’t want to go to Mary’s. William came at 7:30. Drove over. Ernest Clowers there. We typed. Fun. Car out of gas. Had to walk home. Funny and fun. Mary, William, and Ernest walked with me. Lovely night. So glad I went.