Marcy S., age 16, Tennessee

Ruth’s 16th birthday

Dear Diary — Bright, beautiful June day. Pleasantly cool. In good mood. 

Music lesson at 8:30. When I came home I gave the china cabinet in the dining room its annual cleaning, practiced, wrote in my Diary, and then Mom and I had lunch. It seemed like a continuation of last week. We were through early. 

Mom had gone to rest, and I was just finishing the dishes when Elma came to call. We sat out on the cool front porch and talked till about 2:30. It seemed like old times. I walked down to the corner with her en route to the Ballards’. Then I came back and read “Little Women.” 

About 3:30 Mary phoned and we had a delightful conversation. Mary and William are planning a picnic at a lovely spring for Sunday and they have asked Barbara Muller and now me. At first I didn’t want to go, thinking Barbara didn’t like me (I didn’t tell Mary, though) but Mary said that Barbara hoped I could go ’cause she liked me. Yippee! I was so happy and when I hung up I went around singing, much to Mother’s distress and discomfort. Took bath. 

Just as we were finishing supper, Mrs. Rodgers came to call and I couldn’t listen to Lux Radio Theater. I read “Little Women” instead. She had me play a few pieces for her and in return she paid me a compliment. Mary, her daughter, had exclaimed, after we left that Saturday night, “Isn’t Patty Anne a beautiful girl!” I blushed and Mother made some diverting yet appropriate remark for she doesn’t approve of people’s complimenting any physical virtues of her daughter. Oh don’t worry, Diary. I’m not conceited and never will be, ‘cause I’m not beautiful (for further details see Mary, Helen, etc.). 

As soon as Mrs. Rodgers was out of earshot I turned on the radio and listened to music while I read. Then to bed. Beautiful but cool night.