Marcy S., age 16, Tennessee

Dear Diary — Another glorious June day. Washed pictures in morning, practiced, wrote in diary, had lunch with Mom, dishes, and then sat out and read “Little Women.” 

Oh, yes, just as we were sitting down to eat, Mrs. Winslow stopped by and wanted us to go over and see her lilies. We promised to as soon as we ate. Leaving our dessert and in our worst morning clothes, we walked over. The sky was so blue and the breeze so heavenly. Mrs. Winslow’s garden is lovely and just full of gorgeous white lilies. We stayed about fifteen minutes, discussing flowers and admiring their beauty. She gave Mom a beautiful bouquet of lilies and some other flowers. 

As we came back Billy and Bobby were on the front wall and Mother stopped to introduce herself and ask them a few questions. Mr. Jones left this morning for the conference at Maryville. The boys are rather bashful but very nice. Bobby looked as if he had been through a war. 

When I was reading, Mrs. McClure left for Maryville, alas, going partway with Mrs. Gleaves while Mr. Gleaves and Mr. Tomilson went on a T.V.A. business trip. A whole gang of boys was playing hide-and-seek in Waterhouses’ yard and slightly disturbed Mother’s rest. About 2:30 Roberta went by on her way to school to practice in a chorus for the Eastern Star play. I walked to the corner with her. When she came back about 4:00 she bribed (!) me into walking halfway to her grandmother’s with her. I love to read but I do get so tired of sitting — wish there was something to do. Glorious afternoon. Mary called and we discussed the picnic. 

After bath, Mom and I drove around to see Carolyn Tindall’s babies but no one was home. On to town where I did some shopping at the drug store and bought a birthday card for Mom. Met her around at the library, talking to Mr. Wilkie. We stopped to see Mattie’s baby but she wasn’t home either. No luck! Stopped at Rockwell’s and left a paper — needless to say, they weren’t home either. I drove home from there. 

As we passed Lane’s and saw Mrs. Mildred sitting out on the porch Mother hailed her and called out that we’d be up to see her tonight. I daringly took one hand off the wheel long enough to wave and sailed to a grand stop in front of our house. It being only 5:30 we decided to call then and walked up to Mrs. Mildred’s, I laden with some flower pots. Mrs. Rodgers and Mrs. Julian were sitting out, too. Mrs. Mildred fell last Saturday and cut her leg badly, bruised other parts of her anatomy and hurt her back. Luckily she didn’t break something. We talked about our trip, Mary, and Niagara Falls. It made vacation seem so near. I shall always love Mrs. Julian’s front porch. We went around in the back yard to see some flowers and then Mom and I walked to Mrs. McClure’s with Mrs. Rodgers. 

After supper (Daddy away) about 7:30 Mom and I went over to call on Mrs. Jones. We sat quietly on the porch till she put the children to bed and then knocked. Stayed till about 9:00. Had nice visit. I read till 9:30 when we got home. Quite cool out. Mom listened to a horrid news broadcast. I got to the chapter where Beth died. It was so sadly beautiful or beautifully sad — either one. Tomorrow is Mother’s 52nd birthday.