Marcy S., age 16, Tennessee

Dear Diary — Nice day. Music lesson at 8:30. Worked when I came home. Then started on my purse without a pattern. Had my troubles but finally completed it to the sewing on-machine stage. 

Went over to Clure’s. George offered some unappreciated suggestions and was indignant that I was putting the plain navy on the outside and the multicolored stripes on the inside. I was really surprised that it all worked so well. Went home and put cardboard in one side and at Mother’s suggestion, stuffing in the other, balancing it. 

Read after lunch. Very hot. Cleaned up and went to library to return “Little Women” and got “Jo’s Boys.” Stopped at Ruth’s on way back and we sat in the swing and talked. Fun but still very warm. She said my hair was pretty. Heavens! 

After supper I listened to the radio and read. Pretty music. Mary called this afternoon to say that a certain Edgar Smith who has been paying her quite a bit of attention lately and whom William likes, was going on the picnic Sunday. I was ready to back out but Mary said if I didn’t go she wouldn’t so what could I do? Mary doesn’t like him. 

Oh yes, William thinks Helen is too chasey and is very tired of her, although he doesn’t dislike her. Mary said that at first he liked her a lot, though. Poor Helen! I won’t tell her. 

At night Mary phoned to say that Edgar had disappeared. They’d let him off a block from the hotel (where he works) last night and he’d never reached there. No one knows anything about him. Wishing him no evil, Mary and I were secretly glad. Sewed on my purse. Clure returned today.