Marcy S., age 16, Tennessee

Dear Diary — Nice day. Very warm. Cleaned house in morning. After lunch I took a nap and got up about 3:15 feeling much refreshed but rather sleepy. 

Mary called. Edgar’s brother came for his clothes but he hasn’t been heard from directly. And Barbara M. might go to Pennsylvania tomorrow — oh! In order to extract a joyful “Yippee!” from me Mary said that as far as she knew now she could go with us because her father was better. Did dishes. It was cloudy and did sprinkle a little. Very lovely, but warm. The T.V.A. men returned. Daddy came. 

After bath I sat out on the porch and wrote in my diary. Then I went over to see if George could go to Rockwood with us tonight but his Mother said no ’cause he was being punished. Mr. Tomilson was there and said “hello.” I then called Ruth but she wasn’t in the mood for a speech. Mother stationed me on the porch to look out for Mrs. Rodgers to ask her but meantime George came over to say his Mother had changed her mind and he could go. Madge B. and sister came and chased poor George all around. 

At 6:30 Mom and Dad left for Kiwanis Club and I ate an impromptu supper. Mary phoned to say that Barbara was leaving tomorrow and we racked our brains in vain to think of someone else to go. Time forced us to hang up still undecided and I didn’t have time for dessert. At the last minute Clure threatened to change her mind again but George and I finally left for the hotel at about ten till 7:00. It was cloudy and warm but lovely. The sunset western sky touched the trees with pink. The mimosa tree in the park is beautiful in blossom. We had only to wait a few minutes in front of the hotel before Daddy brought Mr. Waterhouse and Mother and Mr. Tindall came. We sat in the front while poor George was squeezed in between the two big men in the back seat, which rendered him speechless (thank goodness!). The drive to Rockwood was cooling and enjoyable. Mr. Tindall and Mr. Waterhouse are both very long-winded and between them kept the rest of us comparatively quiet. 

We reached Rockwood in plenty of time and went to the Christian Church, decorated with flags and other patriotic emblems. We found seats — it wasn’t very crowded. A lady played a number of rousing songs on the organ and they were grand. About 7:30 the meeting started. After the American Legion, Knights of Phythias and American flags had been brought to the front by Boy Scouts and the bugle had been blown, the chaplain gave what George termed as a speech but which was announced as a prayer. Then the speaker Bascom Jones, State commander of the American Legion made a stirring patriotic speech. It was all we could do to keep from jumping up and cheering — we regretted later that we hadn’t. He is a fine speaker. Oh yes, Daddy sang a solo — “Let’s Get Together.” 

When the meeting dismissed George and I went to the car to wait for the others. George said he felt like yelling “Allelulyah” or “Amen” at certain points of the speech. When the others came we left for home. A beautiful summer’s night. Mr. Tindall is very funny. George sat next to the window to keep from smothering this time. Mr. Waterhouse talked about the time he flew from Chicago to Chattanooga in four hours — goodness! Time isn’t the only thing that flies! Had “midnight” snack when we got home. Daddy can’t take us to Frozen Head tomorrow. Boo! hoo!