Marcy S., age 16, Tennessee

Awfully hot. Panted down to work and gradually melted away as the day wore on. At noon went to Pap’s office for mail and found an invitation to Jack Wendell’s wedding next Saturday!! She’s a nurse and the wedding will be in Sherrill, N.Y. The announcement read Dr. John Maclean Wendell! Oh yes, just before lunch Mum ’phoned to say she’d meet me at Cate’s at 12 with the car – Mr. H. conveyed the message. Mum had gotten some blackberries from Mrs. Davis. We stopped by the Norris Creamery for cream. Mum was in good spirits, having accomplished a lot this morn, and having kept the house fairly cool by not lighting the kitchen fire. It was dreadfully hot in the afternoon. I read Seven Keys to Baldpate again and nearly died laughing. Off at 5. Went to P.O. to mail some letters and met Mrs. Mildred. She’d just had a tooth pulled. It was 102 in the shade. She drove me home. It was too hot to do anything! Pap was due for supper but didn’t show up. I wrote letters in the evening and at 7:30 Mum went down to a church meeting at the Williamses’. When it got dark I went in and played the piano. About 9 I heard someone call “Pat” outside and I went out to find Mary in her car. I got in and we talked till 10. I typed a paper this morn about an accident that Cecil Mullins had. Mary told me about it. We arranged to go to Red Cross Monday night. Soon after she’d left, Mum returned. Still no Pap. Dishes and to bed but it was too hot to sleep. I never remember such a hot night. Poop Pap got in about midnight, having fought a fire!!