Marcy S., age 16, Tennessee

Cleared but very cold. Mary repeated again about how swell I was all day yesterday. Fun in history. Had argument with Clueny about war, Germans and defense. She is what Pap calls an “isolationist.” She believes that the Atlantic Ocean is wide. Saw demonstrations by expert typist in morn — just 230 words a minute! Awfully nice young man. In afternoon they took picture for the Hi-Lite. Book Club and room. Fine time selling minstrel tickets. Earl bought his ticket from me when he had practically promised Ann B. and I hadn’t even asked him. So funny. Excused at 3:00. Mary, Helen, Margaret, Roberta and I saw minstrel — not as good as expected. Then March of Time and Kay Kyser in “You’ll Find Out.” Funny and scary. Supper and evening of fun at George’s. Love is the greatest thing in the world.