Marcy S., age 16, Tennessee

Nice, sorta cloudy. (I love Mary so much!) Got up hope, hope, hoping that Mary could spend night with me. After lots of teasing “yeses” and “nos” in typing she said she could! Made arrangements. Practiced — could hardly wait for 7:00. Dentist at 5:00. Doctored up my wisdom teeth gums. Typed at Dad’s office till time to go home. Mom and Dad left about 7:00. Mary arrived about 7:10. George ’phoned and we had fun teasing him. After Mom and Dad left Mary and I did an Indian war dance in the kitchen. Mother Lane came — she thought we were George and we thought she was George! Studied till 9:30. Mom and Dad home at 10:00. Mary and I talked till 11:30! More important than sleep. We kissed each other goodnight about 10 times and exchanged “I love you”s equally as often. She’s precious and I will be great — I will! Dreamed about falling off bridges. I let Mary read the first sentence for today — that’s what started us off. We read the love chapter in the Bible.