Marcy S., age 16, Tennessee

Cold, cloudy, rained in afternoon. Mom got Mary and I up at 6:30. So sleepy! Fun — actually got to school on time. Had to write theme in English class. When I took my paper up to the desk in history, Mary said that Bunny looked at me all the time, “half smiling, and surely admiringly.” Don’t believe it! And yet I felt that he was watching me. No Latin. Helen’s biology class met in our Latin room. Mr. Black is so funny. Mary and I wrote notes and read passages in a Friendship book. Made 78 on Typing test yesterday! Got 8 exercises done today! In 5th study hall Mary and I wrote notes. She kept saying she loved me and her eyes were so soft and beautiful. (Letter from Margaret S. and picture — I love her.) Then she said she felt sure she would die soon and I almost cried, Diary, ’cause ever since the fortune the other day, I’ve felt the same way. How could I live without her? Every time I think of it the tears come.