Marcy S., age 16, Tennessee

Bright, breezy, lovely. Goody and I had our talk after school today. I’m beginning to see the light — a little. Mary wrote me the sweetest note and I love her for it. Diary, I’ve come to dread the weekends and to love Mondays because they bring Mary back — life is suddenly so full — just loving her. She says I’m changing (for the better) all the time. Please, Saturday and Sunday, go fast! She’s going to help me next week! Dearest! Helen dined with me, and George busted in afterwards. Worked on time line from 7:30-10:00. Music lesson at 5:00. Chattanooga tomorrow. Mrs. Cummins has lost Mary’s grade card. Yesterday afternoon we got our grade cards — I made honor roll. Rained. At 4:00 I played three pieces for Infantile Paralysis Tea given by Senior girls in Home Ec room. Studied history at night.