Marcy S., age 16, Tennessee

Cold, cloudy, clear, cloudy, etc. Dreamed about Mary’s departure last night for first time. Up and dressed. Mary and William came at 9:30. Drove to Christian Church. Mrs. Bunch teacher. Very good. Then church. Good sermon by Dr. Bell. Lots of people said they were glad to see me there. At last the moment arrived, and I met him. Help! My knees were so weak. Didn’t say a thing I intended to. He called me Pat — he certainly likes Mary — and vice-versa. We drove a lady out to South Harriman and then drove around town a bit. Then took Pie back to church — he’s even funnier looking than in his picture. Whew! That’s over. Mom had headache. Nice dinner. Talked about Oliphant. Helen and I went walking in afternoon. Then to Ruth’s, and finally Christian Education. Wrote letters at night. Mary said she was going to show Pie the poem.