Marcy S., age 16, Tennessee

Nice, still cold. Jeanne Giles and another girl were fired Saturday night from Emery’s because they undersold some candy. This morning, Jeanne accused Mary of telling on them, and even when she said she didn’t, you can tell she didn’t believe her. If she had dared called Mary a, ahem, liar, I would have sailed into her — I was so mad I nearly did give her a piece of my furious mind. Just because she tells untruths she must think everyone else does. Mary said it spoiled her whole day — she was so sweet and lovable today. Had pop quiz in history — Mary made 85 on test the other day — Clueny told her to keep it up. Each night during week, Mary and I are going to write each other notes and then at the end of the week, exchange. Ah!