Marcy S., age 16, Tennessee

Lincoln’s birthday. Mild, lovely. Mary absent all day. In chapel in morning, Calvin Moody was announcing about the Freshmen Food Sale on Saturday. Once when he paused for breath, a little sparrow in the rafters sang, “Tweet! Tweet!” We got so tickled. Made out all Mary’s lessons for her, and Ernest took them to her. He also brought me a note from her this morning. Enclosed was ten cents for my taking her lessons to her yesterday. I sent it right back! After school, Helen, Ruth, Betty, and I set out for Music Club via my house, Ruth’s house, and finally schoolhouse. Ruth left programs at school. Had to go back after them. So lovely out. Arrived at Music Club… I played and sang, “Jeanie with the Light Brown Hair.” Mrs. Marsh and other teachers were there as visitors. Right in middle, the music collapsed and descended noisily to the floor. I heaved a great disgusted sigh and hastily retrieved it. And with Mrs. Marsh right behind me! My voice was very clear, although shaky, and lots congratulated me — except Mrs. Marsh. Mary Louie, Roberta and I had fun. Also Ruth. Miss Hudson is married.