Marcy S., age 16, Tennessee

Windy and coolish, cloudy, rained at night. Mary absent in morning. Had test in History. Had fun. Grace looked so pretty. No Latin because just Harold and I were there. Mary Louie sick with flu. Walked back to school at noon with Mrs. Cummins. Asked me to give reading at May banquet. There was Mary, standing in the hall when I arrived. So nice to see her. In 5th study hall  we talked a lot. Doctor said she might have to stop work and even school if her nervous system didn’t improve. Helen and I nearly drowned going home in rain. I practiced till time to dress. Pop drove me to school about 7:00. Soon Mary came. She and Ernest had come by for me just after I had left. At 7:00, dinner was served. I sat between D. Swanson and G.L. — Earl across and Mary down a few seats. G.L. was so funny. Very good meal for 25 cents. During course of dinner, we had entertainment. I played for Elma and Viola to sing — “Only Forever” and “Stairway to the Stars.” Anne B. played piano and I played “Bells of St. Mary’s” and “Beautiful Ohio.” Every time I got up, G.L. pulled my chair out for me. Earl gave some readings. Had to walk around table with him in a game. After dishes, we went in gym and played games till 9:30. Mr. Goddard there. Mary and I put sign on cake: “Poison. Do not eat.” Ernest gave us some gum. Mr. Farmer drove us home. Fun tonight. More than expected.