Marcy S., age 16, Tennessee

Another bright, windy, glorious day. Cool. Very. Mary absent. Sorta getting used to empty seats. Bunny not in history class. Everyone thought George’s necklace was cute. No English for tomorrow. Dear Mrs. Cummins is putting the play all off on me. I’ve even picked out four which we might use, and she wants me to take a leading part. Help! Music lesson. Afterwards, Mom and I went to town and bought a potted flower for Mary and did some other shopping. Fun at Golden Rule. Mom also bought a suit at the Dress Shop. Home, and then drove over to Mary’s. She had been resting but came downstairs. Mom visited with Mr. and Mrs. Farmer, and I with Mary. Her sister is here from Oklahoma and wants to take her back with her to live awhile and recuperate. Mr. Farmer is actually favorable to it but Mrs. Farmer has not yet been converted.