Marcy S., age 16, Tennessee

Not so windy, sorta cloudy, cool. Bright mostly. Mary absent. Don’t look for her anymore. Days so empty. Had nice dream about Bunny last night. Chapel in morning. Moving picture on English cathedrals. Walked back with Mary Louie and Viola. In history, showed Clueny some censored letters Mom got from England. She passed them around and read one. Rather embarrassing in spots. Had to vote for prettiest girl, handsomest boy, best all-around girl and boy, wittiest girl and boy in Senior class. Most everyone put Jr. Easter as best all-around boy — I did, too. Beta Club picture retaken in afternoon. All the agonies we went through! Fun, though. Everything funny today except empty strange feeling. Ruth, Helen, and I went to Mary’s after school. Studied history at night. Poor Mr. Brewer all disturbed about Kiwanis.