Marcy S., age 16, Tennessee

Bright, cold. History test. Fine jumble. Made 96 on last test. Test in typing. Mary Louie and I both made 36-6. In gay mood at noon. Back to school with Mary Scarbrough. Borrowed five cents from Helen and gave it to Ella to get me some typing paper. Fine rush at last minute. I typed after school. I’m still in love — help! Left at 4:30. Walked up hill with J.C. Dunn. At night, George came over to escape terrors of women’s DAR meeting at his house. Read in bedroom. He gave me some gum and got me tickled imitating Earl proposing to me. George has a “German haircut.” I like it. Read three stories for English. All lovely. Especially the one about Barbie and Moo. Also the war one. Made me feel so strange. I don’t want Mary to come back to school — everything has changed now — can never be the same. Feel as if I had gone away and left a part of myself behind. Called Pan — she can go to Knoxville.