Marcy S., age 16, Tennessee

Milder, bright, breezy. Chapel in morning. Band played. Good way to start day off. Had reports in History — Had to give mine. Honestly, Diary, I was scared to death — just trembling all over. Bunny — oh, Diary, I can’t say it but I’m so glad I’m in love (?). Sophomores had half-holiday for attendance record, so typing room was quite diminished in number of typists. Therefore, accomplished a lot, and actually up to date. After school went over to Mary’s. She is looking better. Her mother evidently felt it  her duty to entertain me, but finally she left Mary and I to ourselves, supplied with a large glass of home-canned tomato juice. And then she broke the news — she’s going to Oklahoma — leaving in two weeks. I did a very good job of hiding my emotions  until I got home (William drove us) and then I burst into tears, which Mother, upon her arrival sometime later, managed to wipe away by comforting words. I laughed a great deal after that at supper. Helen and I had an uproarious time. Then George came and we listened to the radio while I tried to read some magazine stories. Finally finished two. Mary wrote me a note — I’m going to read it again before sleeping. It made the tears just tumble.