Marcy S., age 16, Tennessee

Cloudy, cold. Had sore throat in morning. Mother found out. Result: I had to stay home from school because of scarlet fever scare. To doctor’s about 10:00. Dad took me down because Mom had gone down to Legion Hall to prepare for dinner tonight. Doctor said didn’t think it was scarlet fever but I can’t go back to school till Wednesday. Have to take some pills. Wrote synopsis of short stories in morning, rested after lunch, and then wrote letters till suppertime. Mary Louie sent my lessons by Helen. Cummins phoned. Today is Mary Louie’s birthday. Mom and Dad away most of afternoon. Had birthday party for underprivileged boys in Legion Hall tonight. Therefore I ate and spent evening by myself. Read my “Rilla” again. It gave me courage and strength and a new feeling. Mom and Dad home about 10:00. Throat better. Hope Mary can go to Oklahoma.