Marcy S., age 16, Tennessee

Cold, rain, cloudy. There’s nothing so terrible, or that hurts more, than disappointment — and I speak from experience, Diary. The Hi-Lite came out today and before Latin, Goody let M.R. and I read on. In the chatter column there was something about Mary and the Jeanne Giles affair. It made me so mad. Then later, Miss Goodwin asked about Mary and said she’d heard about the “affair,” but not the details nor who was in the right. As though she doubted Mary! Then we got in pretty deep and she said she’d heard that Mary’s illness was due to “that” and she continued, “I would have gone to see Mary if I’d know it was just physical illness, but when I heard about that trouble, I didn’t know who was right and…” Anyway, she inferred that she thought Mary was wrong and that she wouldn’t go to see her because of it — even if she were sick. I nearly exploded, Diary, but all I did was inform Miss Goodwin that it was positively not Mary’s fault. A fine friend she is! How dare she doubt Mary’s honesty? I don’t like Latin class anymore and I have lost all respect for Miss Goodwin.