Marcy S., age 16, Tennessee

Beautiful, bright, cold. About 9:30 Mom and Dad left for Chattanooga. I couldn’t go because of exams next week. Ruth had invited me to go with them, too. I practiced for an hour and a half in the morning and then dined at Clure’s. Was in mood to work and fingers flew on piano. Then went up to see Helen about tonight. She said it was all over about Mary and that Mary had made a lot of enemies through that and she was innocent! Mrs. McC said Mrs. Wilburn and Mrs. Burgess (blast them!) were running Mary down. Helen didn’t believe it about Mary, though. Good for her! When I got home I looked in the Hi-Lite and there was something else — even worse — against Mary. I got so mad I almost shouted, “I hate you, Jeanne Giles!” After studying, I worked on my friendship booklet for Latin. About 6:00, Helen came and we prepared and ate supper. I dropped a spoon in a bottle full of milk, almost burned the soup, and numerous other crazy things. After dishes we listened to radio, had a pillow fight, and so to bed. I took a bath. Helen got Mary’s note but I rescued it.