Marcy S., age 16, Tennessee

Lots milder. Lovely. Mom and Dad got home about 11:40 last night and, having forgotten the key, they hollered and woke us up for me to answer the door. Sleepy? Helen had to leave at 8:00 before the rest of the house was up. Got up at 8:45 and somehow managed to get to Sunday School on time. In church, Daddy’s solo was beautiful; somehow Mary’s feeling seemed so near. Wonderful sermon and wonderful man. Flowers from funeral very beautiful. The Hornsby’s gave us fourteen glorious white lilies whose fragrance scented up the living room the rest of the day. In the afternoon Helen and I went over to Mary’s (Dad got so mad about the Hi-Lite) and went riding with she and William. She had seen the Hi-Lite but I wouldn’t tell her what Miss Goodwin had said. She said the feeling was stronger than ever — oh, Diary! Passed Clay in their car and Helen waved rapturously. Had fine debate about it later. Stopped at Clay’s and Earl’s and William honked horn. Helen and I hid on floor. Then to Christian Education. George led. Fun. Lovely going home. Like Spring. In evening George came over and we sang hymns. Lilies beautiful. Could hardly wait for school.