Marcy S., age 16, Tennessee

Mild. Rainy. Nicest day in events. Had to go to Chapel in pouring rain. Miss Goodwin had musical program on records. English exam hard. Fun in History (Bunny). Review in Latin. Changed into new blue sweater at lunch. Didn’t get much done in typing — fine mess. In study hall, Mary Louie and I read some material on friendship due Wednesday. In office last period, Bunny came in twice. Second time he actually condescended to speak to me — something about his watch being a minute slower than the clock. Ah! Ain’t love grand? At 2:45 left for library and Woman’s Club with Pearl Sadler (grade school winner) and Mrs. West. Mrs. Marsh was there. Had to recite poem. Then awarded $1 prize. Lovely mild cloudy going home. In good mood. Studied for Latin and History exams tomorrow. Pop home. Wonderful letter from Mary S. and Betty G. sent pretty hankie. Please, Spring, come soon! Had such a good time today.