Marcy S., age 16, Tennessee

Beautiful, not so cold. Chapel in morning. Were going to have moving pictures, but fuse blew out. Funny. I played for marching out. In English, when we first went in, I sat down real hard with my arms full of books. Surrounding schoolmates got tickled. Then had bad attack of dropsy. In history, had reports. Fun. Played peekaboo with ?! In Latin, Goody raved over friendship booklets — mine included. Have started Cicero’s letters. Typing paper on board. Just as Mary Louie and I were coming out of typing at end of period, Bunny was coming in, and he held open the door for us. Then he crossed behind us, and somehow I tripped over his foot and made a fine spectacle of myself. He looked so surprised, and Mary and I burst into laughter. Then in study hall I got so tickled reading one of Mark Twain’s short stories that I laughed out loud, thus attracting quite a bit of attention. Typed one hour after school. Home and washed hair. Robins so sweet. Then started “Pudd’nhead Wilson.” Daddy left for Nashville about 6:30. First he brought Chattanooga Free Press with my innocent picture in it and poem. Practiced after supper. To bed. Daddy saw the manager about detail of Mary-Jeanne affair. Monday night he is going to school board.